Plastic Insulated Fish Totes and Handling Containers. Made in Canada for the last 40 years!!!!



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Tri-Core Plastic stands as the premier plastics processing manufacturer, recognized for its unrivalled expertise in crafting double-walled insulated fish totes and a diverse range of plastic products. Situated in the vibrant lower mainland of Vancouver, British Columbia, Tri-Core has emerged as an industry leader, catering to a discerning clientele with precision and excellence.

Our specialization lies in the meticulous production of fish totes and handling containers, coupled with cutting-edge equipment to meet the unique demands of our esteemed clients. Serving the expansive Pacific Coast of North America, our reach extends from the pristine shores of Alaska to the sun-drenched landscapes of California. Additionally, we proudly offer global shipping services, ensuring our quality products are accessible to customers around the world.

Conveniently headquartered a mere 10 minutes away from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Tri-Core guarantees prompt and efficient delivery of our superior products. This strategic location enables us to seamlessly meet the dynamic needs of our diverse clientele.

Tri-Core Plastic is committed to innovation, exemplified by our dedicated research and development service. Our team of experts consistently produces specialized products tailored to the unique requirements of various manufacturing and commercial sectors. This commitment to advancement positions Tri-Core at the forefront of the industry, driving excellence in every aspect of our offerings.

As an added service, Tri-Core takes customization to the next level by offering personalized embossing services. Whether it's marking fish totes and containers with the owner's name or other identification marks, our state-of-the-art processes ensure a distinctive touch. Further, we accommodate individual preferences by allowing customization in your company's color scheme.

Tri-Core Plastic stands as a testament to unwavering quality, innovation, and client-centric solutions. Experience the pinnacle of plastics processing with a partner committed to exceeding expectations.

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