Manufacturing and Quality Control

Like every branch of the food and fish industry, properly caring for your product is essential for success. Tri-Core Plastics pays attention to the quality and detailed manufacturing of all its plastic products and fish totes. It is a significant consideration in an industry where effective hygiene and disease control are of the utmost importance and a feature that helped make them the solution for the food and fish industry.

From harvesting and storage to processing, the quality determines the difference in getting the top dollar for your product. Whether it's salmon, trout, herring, pilchard, anchovies, mussels, geoduck, clams, crabs, prawns, shrimp, halibut, black cod, tuna, squid, tilapia, no matter the species, one factor remains the same. For producers getting the product to market alive, fresh and in the best condition possible, Tri-Core Plastics assists its clientele with its expertise in plastic manufacturing. Our insulated fish totes and containers help to ensure that your products get to market in top quality and the best condition possible.