Shellfish Container

24” X 24” X 8.25” (LWH)

• Holes on the sides and bottom for maximum water flow
• Durable in extreme weather or water conditions
• High profits/fastest growth time
• Economical and practical
• Used to grow extra small to jumbo oysters and other shellfish
• Stacks can be lowered from rafts or used for growing on beaches
• Lids Available
• 100% recyclable

19”X13.25” X 4” (LWH)

• Will stack and nest with 180-degree turn
• Containers will nest at a ratio of 4:1
• Ventilation slots on the sides and bottom
• Name may be hot stamped on one or both sides
• U. V. stabilizer is available to aid in preventing the deterioration of plastic
• Freezer safe
• Lid available with ventilation slots
• 100% recyclable